Farewell Self (NaPoWriMo #6)

Farewell Self (NaPoWriMo #6)

Many a moon and you took over,
Whiny, Needy
And I bought your lies,
But no more~
Do you hear me?
Do you understand self?
I put my foot down
And declare,
“The days of your reign
End today!
I cannot live a lie,
I cannot live with my self
To death with you!
I have a life to live~
A life for my Creator
For others, family and friends,
For strangers every which way!
I can no longer live with you
With fear
I’m done.
I will not fight you any longer.
I Am Stronger!
Now, I know who I am
In Christ, in His Hands
And I will not go back
To you, selfish ways,
Nor will I sell fish
Don’t play games with my words!
Haha I see you
I do Love you self
For He encouraged such,
But I cannot live with you,
I cannot allow the distaste
So I paste you to the Cross
~Farewell self~
I will walk away free,
Yes, F.R.E.E!
I Love Papa too much,
Need the fresh air,
And now she fills my heart too,
So I will serve her!
Farewell self!
I’m on a New Adventure
In search of Love’s Treasures!”

~By: A.J. Wagoner

About Cleaver of God

A wordsmith rhymes with the times to share his heart, After a trip around the world, now the start To look ahead and write the lines That will begin to affect change all around, So hear the sound and see the pines Within the realm we found. My name is A.J. Wagoner and I love poetry; however, I also love this world and want to see the darkness turned to light, so my poetry rides the wings of eagles to bring hope to the hopeless, a voice to the voiceless, and a light to the darkness.

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