The Best Policy (NaPoWriMo #12)

The Best Policy (NaPoWriMo #12)

The Best Policy for all
Honesty, a drive to reinstall
And so I come before you to say,
“You claim you want peace,
Yet more war breaks out!
You cannot fight to bring peace,
What an oxymoron!
Sometimes I don’t understand
All now out of hand
With your fear propaganda
To take liberties away
And you say one thing,
Yet mean another
I don’t mean to be a bother.
I’m done.
I pray for you
And cry
For the cannon fodder
Of innocent lives all over the globe
Sent to their graves
Because you care more for your pockets
Than the abolishment
Of hunger and disease!
I could go on and on
And on and on,
Yet you would still turn
Your deaf ears to your own
Devices and we would
Still pay for your greed;
However, I’m done for now

~By: A.J. Wagoner

About Cleaver of God

A wordsmith rhymes with the times to share his heart, After a trip around the world, now the start To look ahead and write the lines That will begin to affect change all around, So hear the sound and see the pines Within the realm we found. My name is A.J. Wagoner and I love poetry; however, I also love this world and want to see the darkness turned to light, so my poetry rides the wings of eagles to bring hope to the hopeless, a voice to the voiceless, and a light to the darkness.

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