At the Shop (NaPoWriMo #17)

At the Shop (NaPoWriMo #17)

Country tunes
     Background noise
Whine of the grinder
     Don’t make a wrong choice~
Stare at the Welder’s Light
     No-No! Sparks fly
Bluish white
     UPS Build-a-Box for you,
Three-inch Nerfset.
     Best way to build
Heavy Duty staple guns,
     Better join a guild.
Oh, at the shop today,
     Winch plates, truck mounts,
Sticky paper proper length
     For every little bit counts.
Lunch break Cuban sandwich
     Lay back real quick
Woodpecker overhead- oh no!
     Sit up Line Street barbed wire fence
Build another box
     No mistakes double-time
Illusion mirages slow down
     ‘Til five ‘hellos’ never a chime.

          ~By: A.J. Wagoner

About Cleaver of God

A wordsmith rhymes with the times to share his heart, After a trip around the world, now the start To look ahead and write the lines That will begin to affect change all around, So hear the sound and see the pines Within the realm we found. My name is A.J. Wagoner and I love poetry; however, I also love this world and want to see the darkness turned to light, so my poetry rides the wings of eagles to bring hope to the hopeless, a voice to the voiceless, and a light to the darkness.

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