Wanderer Wagon (NaPoWriMo #24

Wanderer Wagon (NaPoWriMo #24)

Wanderer Wagon
Adage wren worn
Wander Wagoner
Arranged En Wow
award grew neon
Raga dew Renown
wanna reed grow
ad Wane Regrown
Grandee War won
derange aw worn
downrange ware
Narrow awn Edge
A garden we worn
A Redrawn new GO!
A dragon wren we a grand wren Woe,
A dawn genre row
Award grew en on
A wager nerd won~
A wagon red wren
EGAD!  raw new nor
Danger ran we! Ow!
Redrawn an we GO!
Dang Rare we Won
And gear we worn
Road rang new, we
rad aw grew neon
Draw war gone en
Rage Ran dew now
An awn Dog err we
Wanderer Wagon Wander Wagoner

~By: A.J. Wagoner
*anagrams from my name

About Cleaver of God

A wordsmith rhymes with the times to share his heart, After a trip around the world, now the start To look ahead and write the lines That will begin to affect change all around, So hear the sound and see the pines Within the realm we found. My name is A.J. Wagoner and I love poetry; however, I also love this world and want to see the darkness turned to light, so my poetry rides the wings of eagles to bring hope to the hopeless, a voice to the voiceless, and a light to the darkness.

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