Moments… (NaPoWriMo #26)

Moments… (NaPoWriMo #26)

Taken from ‘Those Moments

          When     light         and     darkness       hold,
              Laughter ceases     sobs    unsold.

     Those        …
               The world looks      and you         run away,
          Or the clouds      gray and sliver              cliche.

               You fear     worst     all your       crumble,
          Or     storms      perfection     life takes   tumble.

     Those        …
          When         Brown’s adults       more intelligible,
          Than those       who      plain corrigible.

          When     realize     absurdity    materialism     self,
          Or the      one       place       things    the shelf.

     Those        …
               You        from              parts,
          And     understand      forever captured      hearts.

          When       fail to capture     essence of     present,
          Yet      stay real     call you     more 100 percent.

     Yes,       moments by       we live        every day life
          To augment    to     beat of   drum     tune    a fife;
                Dreams blossom    reality    brilliant hues
          To     Heaven’s realities            the eternal cues.

     Those        …
          When   child laughs         darkness quakes,
          Or     tears     and peace floods     lakes.

               The prostitute’s     free     her life     whole,
          Or     sun shines     frowns           from     soul.

                   80-year-old understands     love reigns,
          Or rainbows        the skyline     just       remains.

     Those        …
          When     orphan       warmth and     mute speak,
               Those alone     around long     such mystique.

               You realize     immensity        Creator,
          Or such   One       never be   dictator.

     Those        …
               You return to     impoverished parts,
          And     love all     more for      hearts.

          When words      the lead     precedence,
          Yet images     names bring        relevance.

     Oh, those         when we      into       eyes
          To reveal     praises    God rise    to     skies;
                His children’s voices       praise    His name
          For death    darkness     love overcame!

                         ~By: A.J. Wagoner

About Cleaver of God

A wordsmith rhymes with the times to share his heart, After a trip around the world, now the start To look ahead and write the lines That will begin to affect change all around, So hear the sound and see the pines Within the realm we found. My name is A.J. Wagoner and I love poetry; however, I also love this world and want to see the darkness turned to light, so my poetry rides the wings of eagles to bring hope to the hopeless, a voice to the voiceless, and a light to the darkness.

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