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Chasin’ Broken Dreams

Chasin’ Broken Dreams

Through the mists we journey,
Left and right we gaze through open doors–
Doors to reveal the past of our ancestors,
Doors to share the stains of our hardwood floors.

We hear about the great men of Scripture,
And the men and women who have fought over the years
For freedom, equality, and better ways of life,
True moments of achievements, yet no light to their fears.

Even today we strive for the ideal,
Only to forget the Truth of the Word–
Christ Jesus stays the foundation,
The sharp double-edged sword.

So, dreams of a nation or even a king–
Life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness,
Equality to all, all for equality
Until we bend to the weight of hopelessness.

Hopelessness sets in for we realize the hopelessness,
Where life falters jammed with paper reams
Of failed hopes and possibilities,
As we never stop chasin’ broken dreams.

NO! I will not sit the pine–
Lay down the baggage claims!
Walk away from your rights,
No more time for childish games.

We can no longer let divisiveness rule–
Male and female, black or white,
One denomination or another, just broken unity
All planned to enshroud the night.

The King of Kings declares,
“Brethren rise up! Cast down the lies!
Rest in me! Allow me to build–
To build upon our tears and cries.

Cries for justice and freedom!
Tears for pure joy to rain down–
Do not think I haven’t heard,
The soulful noise of every frown.

The new age comes,
Where men rest on my sturdy beams
Of Truth, Love, Grace, and Mercy
And no longer chase broken dreams!”

     ~By: A.J. Wagoner

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